Understanding INTACS and Holcomb C3-R to Treat Keratoconus

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Published: 14th January 2011
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Keratoconus is a debilitating disease of the cornea that causes changes or irregular shapes in the corneal surface due to a thinning over time. Typically this type of disease is degenerative and the only treatments that were available were hard/rigid contact lenses which can be uncomfortable over time or an invasive cornea transplant. However recent advancements in the treatment of Keratoconus have allowed new technologies to help provide a less painful alternative, INTACS and Holcomb C3-R require little downtime and preserve vision.

INTACS are small inserts in the cornea to improve the shape of the corneal curves, which are often distorted due to Keratoconus. The reshaping of the cornea allows the patient to have clearer vision, and more stability. Additional improvements to the treatment of INTACS are still occurring. Many patients are able to benefit from both INTACS and Holcomb C3- R or Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin. Both procedures can often be done the same day and are yielding remarkable results. Patients who have had both INTACS and HolcombC3-R have had their vision improved. Often they can return to wearing soft contacts or glasses or at minimum have good comfortable vision in hard/rigid contact lenses. In some cases, when patients are treated when their keratoconus is mild they have functional vision that doesnt require contacts or glasses to perform daily visual functions.

There are several benefits of INTACS including but not limited to:

10 Minute procedure

Minimally invasive

Little to no recovery time

The procedure is performed in the doctors office vs. a hospital

The benefits of Holcomb C3-R consist of:

45 Minute Procedure

Done in Office

Stabilizes progression of Keratoconus

Strengthens the Cornea

Less Recovery time


While there are still much to be researched on the benefits of these treatments for Keratoconus the last 7 years has shown great promise. There are several more positives to the procedure than many Keratoconus patients could have dreamed. And many patient's with Keratoconus who have had both INTACS and Holcomb C3-R are experiencing stable vision and seeing great today. The benefits of having these procedures done in a safe and effective manner, in the convenience of your doctors office, show the improvements in technology we are working with today. Learning more about INTACS and Holcomb C3-R for Keratoconus will give you more confidence to move ahead and be free to see.

The option for recovery from Keratoconus is at your finger tips and with the latest advancements in technologies INTACS and Holcomb C3-R will only get better.

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